M e n t o r s...a n d
f e l l o w...t r a v e l e r s

None of us makes his journey alone, however lonely it might seem at times, and i have been blessed with a great many Mentors, friends, and fellow travelers (other slaves and submissives) along the way. Not all are still living, and among those who are, not all are on the Net or have their own Web pages. In the following list, which is selective rather than “complete,” those who have died or do not have Web links are indicated out of gratitude and as a sign of respect or remembrance, not in order to congratulate myself on knowing them. Not all of the Masters named here have been Mentors, but all have taught me much through Their friendship, as have the slaves, submissives, and others who have shared their feelings and thoughts.

—slave david stein

Laura Antoniou

Guy Baldwin

Barclay B.

Chuck Barrow (deceased)


jeff b. (“bootdog”)

Joseph Bean

J.W. Bond



Gloria Brame

denya cascio

Skip Chasey and Rick

Ken Chomont (deceased)


Brian Dauth

David DeRouville

Barry Douglas (deceased)

Malcolm Fletcher

david g. ("bndgboy")

richard hocutt (deceased)

eric karnowski

Alex Keppeler (and john larsen, deceased)

Thom Magister

Matt Masterman and Wade Brown

Ray Matienzo

David Logan Morrow

Officer Wes

Jack Rinella and Patrick

Richard Rivera and brass

Master Steve and Kirk

Randy Sauder (deceased)

David S. and danny

Sensuous Sadie

Aubrey Hart Sparks


Master Taino

tim steffan (deceased)

Thor S.

jim strassburger (deceased)

Michael Sussholtz (deceased)


Victor Terry

Lolita Wolf

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