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Almost 20 years ago, i wrote a short story about a pickup in a leather bar that ended with the collared and handcuffed bottom being carried off to the Top’s home in the trunk of his car. i thought it was complete and sufficient as it was, but everyone i showed it to wanted to know what happened next! Trying to tell that tale, i launched into what has become a huge novel, Carried Away: An S/M Romance, which i finally completed lin 2001. Although a “romance” in the sense that it ends happily, it is a serious attempt to create a realistic depiction of a contemporary gay Master/slave relationship as it might actually develop. Carried Away was published in May 2002 by Daedalus as its first fiction title.

Early versions of the opening chapters appeared in Drummer #159-161 with illustrations by Burton Clarke, who has also done the cover of the completed book. Another excerpt, called “Fit to Be Tied,” appeared in the short-lived zine Servants’ Quarters and for a long time was available online at the BootJaq site. The final version of the chapter that excerpt was from is now online again at the CRAWL Magazine site. An excerpt called “Hot Wax” appeared in PowerPlay and is reprinted in the anthology Horsemen: Leathersex Short Fiction edited by Joseph W. Bean (Leyland, 1997). The final version of Chapter 1 is posted here as a PDF file. If it makes you want to read more, please buy the book! You can order it online from Daedalus or Amazon.com

New book! A collection of my short fiction, Boots, Bondage, and Beatings, is being published in April 2009. It has eight stories, five of them previously unpublished, including an “outtake” from Carried Away and a new epilogue to the novel. Check it out at Perfectbound Press.

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